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The Third Team Resilience

Engaging and Educating

We deliver a range of educational sessions to regional, national and international referee bodies. In addition, we help students in schools, colleges and universities as well as employees in businesses using the vehicle of refereeing.

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the REsilient Referees workshops

the resilient referees programme

A sample of our Bespoke Resilience Workshops for Referees - North Riding FA

The resilience workshops in this short video were delivered in January 2020 to 2 groups of CORE referees. The workshops had an emphasis on improving performance with a section dedicated to proactive mental health guidance specifically for referees.

Development Tool - Mental Game Challenges for Referees

The Third Team Managing Director, Nathan Sherratt delivers a webinar on the 3 toughest challenges that referees face on a matchday. He explores mental and physical preparation for games, the way referees manage their emotions out in the middle and how officials can combat losing the enjoyment of refereeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a bespoke package to all prospective clients, meeting the demands and needs of their respective groups of officials.

The sessions that I deliver are designed so that referees are able to express their ideas and experiences openly in a safe environment.  Workshops and programmes are interactive and engaging with the aims of: 

  • Improving the enjoyment of refereeing
  • Enhancing performance levels
  • Improving the awareness of positive mental health
  • A large concern for referee bodies is retaining a high percentage of referees attached to their organisation, my part is to help them ensure that retention rates improve.
  • Provide opportunities where young referees are supported to deal with difficult situations that may arise.
  • Increase the care for your referees mental health by putting in place pro-active measures.
  • Added evidence based training to help referee’s reach their full potential.

I travel across Great Britain and Ireland delivering educational sessions and programmes.

The Third Team supports active referees of all levels, male and female, from the age of 14 years old.

In education, we support children from 14 years old up to young adults.

In industry, we will work with any members of the workforce who will benefit from our training.

  • To Reduce the number of days staff are absent due to mental ill health.
  • To help the workforce deal with workplace pressures.
  • To achieve better productivity using evidence based training methods. 
  • To develop the awareness of the workforce around Positive Mental Health.
  • To improve attendance levels.
  • To help students deal with educational pressures.
  • To achieve better educational outcomes using evidence based training methods. 
  • To develop students awareness of Positive Mental Health.

No, our work is purely educational however our educators are Mental Health First Aid trained. We work with respected partner organisations who can assist referees, workplace employees and students with Mental Health concerns.

No, our work is purely educational however we work with respected partner organisations who can assist individuals with psychological support or coaching.