Book Nathan as a Speaker or a Guest

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Are you looking for a guest for your podcast, vlog or blog? Maybe you’re looking for a speaker for your next event? If so, you can download my Media CV below and read on to find out more about myself and why I may be a good guest or presenter for you.
If you have already booked me as a guest, then the details at the bottom of this page might come in handy to help you prepare for and promote our work together!

What do I talk about?

I can talk about various topics at different levels in around my favourite following subjects:

  • Resilience – Dealing with abuse and challenges in the middle when refereeing.
  • Mental Health – Helping people to better understand it and the importance of self-management.
  • Mental Illness – His story with anxiety and depression, due to life transitions and autism.
  • Autism Awareness – His own experiences from childhood, higher education, workplace challenges to self employment and running The Third Team

I can work with you and adapt my talks to suit and relate to your particular audience and industry at special events.