The Final Whistle Podcast Episodes 1-10

How Ceri Travers changed the way youth referees are called upon in hearings. As well as referee mentors and the lack of follow up for newly qualified referees are debated.

In this episode we chat about how referees can help themselves in the way that they use social media

The role of Referee Development Officers: our experiences and what they do are discussed

Slaven Bilic vs Mike Dean (Red Card) and the use of social media by referees is debated

In this episode we discuss a Spanish Referee demoted for holiday photos and much more

We chat about assaults on match officials and police responses to referee assaults

COVID-19 and it's impact on referees and the mindset difference between midweek vs. weekend games are considered

We posed the question is Sian Massey-Ellis the best assistant referee at the moment?

Anthony Taylor's unique FA Cup Final appointment is celebrated

Controlling players with your personality and which action to take when abused

Team Sheets, ID cards, how it works in Holland and why it was brought in

An introduction to Jorg Oppers, Head of Referees at The Easter Open in Holland

Mental Health & Wellbeing and the Future of Self Care are debated

We chat about VAR, Collina and the future of technology in the game

We reflect on the psychological impact of dealing with tough on-field situations

The final part of the introduction to The Final Whistle

An introduction to The Final Whistle continued

An introduction to The Final Whistle

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